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Marianne Templier

Marianne peignant sur le motif à l'aquarelle

Marianne is a painter of Breton origin born in 1947 in the Monts d'Arrée, in Lesvenez, a small village in Hanvec.
She began to paint to escape a trauma
(caused by her mother's Alzheimer's disease)
Marianne escaped, painting became a pleasure, then very quickly a necessity.
She will never stop...

Marianne échangeant avec ses camarades lors d'un stage de peinture infrmelle.

Over the years, she grabs every "free" moment.
A heterogeneous work is thus elaborated, guided by the key word: Freedom


First steps in painting in 1989 at the Atelier d'Art de Conflans-Sainte-Honorine under the direction of George Obregon who introduced her to different artistic techniques (wash, watercolor, gouache, oil etc...)

She practiced oil painting more assiduously from 1998 in the Atelier d'Art des Clayes-Sous-Bois, under the guidance of Rose Dappe, a confirmed and original painter.

Works alone from 2003 and by different approaches,
evolves by affirming its personality.

Marianne lors d'une fête

In 2008, returns to Hanvec to spend her retirement.
Enrolled at the Beaux Arts de Brest from 2010 to 2012 in the studio of Hung Rannou and then in 2016 in the studio of Gilbert Caroff for the study of nudes.
Today, she feels the need to share her work and to be able to exchange on it.


Over the years, a heterogeneous body of work has developed, guided by the key words: Freedom, pleasure and necessity.

Artistic approach

Her favorite medium is oil painting which offers great freedom in the elaboration of color mixtures

She approaches painting along 3 axes:


  • Figurative, always based on the desire to paint a subject that challenges her: portraits, nudes,  Breton women in headdresses, landscapes and flowers

  • Structural, that is to say based on the observation of a material (rocks, wood etc....) which evokes an image and suggests an interpretation.-

  • Informal, that is to say far from reality, emanating from the unconscious.

A work is a permanent dialogue of the painter with the canvas, the feeling in the balance of the colors, the fulls and the empties, in a word the research of a harmony which corresponds to him...

Marianne can start with a figurative subject that has touched her or with a structure that has made her dream, but also with "NOTHING".

Colors, brushes, canvas, lines, stains, at random... The results are often surprising and sometimes disappointing because the unconscious is not always there.
The manifestations of the unconscious can refer to concepts (like the carnival) or express feelings (adoration, great sorrow). Sometimes to wake up the child who still lives in us... (the party, big sorrow, travel, etc...)

Often figurative and informal are mixed.

Pretext to paint and compose: resumption of studies of nudes in charcoal, staging in oil.

His different approaches to painting allow her to explore forms and colors, the imaginary flirts with the figurative, when it does not become abstract.

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